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Heinz A. Krebs

Bienvenido, bienvenida to the largest University in the Basque Country. At the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) you will find over 100 qualifications, 107 departments, 31 faculties and colleges, over 48,000 enrolled students, and 7,000 new graduates per year.

Willkommen to the main Research Centre in the Basque Country. The UPV/EHU has over 4,000 teachers, 156 research groups, 381 ongoing projects, at least 886 scientific studies published each year, and 200 doctoral theses.

Welcome to a dynamic and open university. The UPV/EHU promotes cultural and sport activities. It is in close contact with Europe and facilitates international exchanges of its students. The university has fully embraced new technologies, and currently 30,000 students use the virtual campus.

Benvenuto to a non-excluding education institution. The UPV/EHU is a natural integration education community. A community where there is no exclusion whatsoever for reasons of age, gender, race, disability, socioeconomic status, political opinion or otherwise.

Ongi etorria Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatera.


The "Exchange Programmes Office" of the Vice-rectorate for International Relations of the UPV/EHU manages the exchange of teachers and students with other universities in Spain, Europe, Latin America, USA, Canada, Russia and Asia through a number of mobility programmes and bilateral agreements. Under the International Relations section of the web site of the university, www.ehu.es, you will find further information regarding the steps required to participate in the mobility programmes.

The "Office of Language Courses for Visiting Students" of the Vice-rectorate for International Relations offers free of charge Spanish and Basque language courses for visiting students, and, in collaboration with the Cervantes Institute, it organises training courses for teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE), as well as preparation courses for the DELE diploma test. For more information, go to the International Relations section at www.ehu.es.

The "Help Centre for Visiting Students" located on the campuses of Alava, Biscay and Gipuzkoa provides information to visiting students about accommodation during their stay at the UPV/EHU, the university itself, academic calendar, language courses, the city and much more practical information.

The "Development Co-operation Office" of the Vice-rectorate for International Relations was established to promote university co-operation to aid development, through awareness-raising, teaching and research on the problems that threaten the attainment of a human sustainable development in the world. For this purpose, the office organises a programme involving practical training and end-of-studies projects in Latin America and Africa for UPV/EHU students.

The University in figures

Year of establishment: 1980
No. of campuses: 3
Alava Campus: faculties and colleges in Vitoria-Gasteiz
Bizkaia Campus: faculties and colleges in Leioa, Bilbao, Baracaldo and Portugalete
Gipuzkoa Campus: faculties and colleges in Donostia-San Sebastin and Eibar

No. of buildings: 56
No. of Faculties and Higher Technical Schools: 16
No. of University Colleges and Technical Schools: 15
No. of Departments: 107
Halls of Residence: 30
University accommodation (number of places): 2,843

No. of Qualifications up to second cycle: 78
No. of Post-graduate programmes: 74
No. of programmes with quality mention: 22
Own Post-graduate or Specialisation Degrees: 40

Teachers: 4,147
No. of Doctors: 2,494
No. of Professors: 478

Students: 48,132
Enrolments by language: Basque 39.60%; Spanish 60.40%
Teacher/student ratio: 13
Students on Virtual campus: 6,027

Students in post-graduate programmes: 2,329
Post-graduate students from outside the UPV/EHU: 797
Foreign students: 854
International universities with which agreements are held: 404

R&D&I actions: 1,520
Practical training placements in companies: 3,461

The General Services of the UPV/EHU are located in Leioa (Bizkaia Campus)

UPV/EHU Faculties and Colleges


Faculty of Fine Arts
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
Faculty of Science and Technology
Faculty of Social and Communication Sciences
University College of Labour Relations Studies
University College of Nursing
Delegated Unit of the Faculty of Law in Leioa
Faculty of Economics and Business Studies
Faculty of Engineering
University College of Business Studies
University College of Technical Industrial Engineering
University College of Teacher Training
University College of Technical Mining Engineering
Faculties and colleges in Portugalete
Higher Technical School of Nautical Studies

Campus Bizkaia


Faculty of Chemical Sciences
Faculty of Computer Engineering
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Philosophy and Education Science
Faculty of Psychology
University College of Business Studies
University College of Nursing
Delegated Unit of Faculty of Medicine in Donostia-San Sebastin
University College of Teacher Training
Donostia Polytechnic University College
Higher Technical School of Architecture
University College of Technical Industrial Engineering

Campus Gipuzkoa


Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Philology, Geography and History
Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Science
University College of Business Studies
University College of Social Work
University College of Teacher Training
University College of Engineering
Vitoria-Gasteiz University College of Nursing
Delegated Unit of the Faculty of Medicine in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Campus Alava

International Relations Office

Vicerrectorado del Campus de Alava
Comandante Izarduy, 2
01006 Vitoria-Gasteiz
Telf.: + 34 945 01 4314
e-mail: relaciones-internacionales@ehu.es
Office for Exchange Programmes:
Telf.: + 34 945 01 3328
e-mail: socrates@lg.ehu.es


Campus of Alava
Telf.: + 34 945 01 4333
e.mail: ectsara@vv.ehu.es

Campus of Biscay
Telf.: + 34 946 01 5868; + 34 946 01 7365
e-mail: ectsbiz@lg.ehu.es; ectsbiz2@lg.ehu.es

Campus of Gipuzkoa
Telf.: + 34 943 01 8139
e-mail: ectsgip@sv.ehu.es